アロンソのインディカー参戦に関するHPD社長のコメント(原文) [モータースポーツ]

「2019年はF1に参戦しない」というフェルナンド・アロンソのコメントとインディカーのテストに参加する意向を受けて、インディカー・シリーズにエンジンを供給するHPD(ホンダ・パフォーマンス・ディベロップメント)のアート・セントシアー(Art St. Cyr)社長がコメントしました。



Quote from HPD President Art St. Cyr with regards to Fernando Alonso's upcoming Indy car test:

“Fernando Alonso is one of the premier racing drivers of this generation, and we very much enjoyed working with him at the 2017 Indianapolis 500. He has shown that he can be very competitive right off the bat, and it would be great for IndyCar if he were to decide to drive here full-time after his F1 career. Having Alonso as a driver would be an obvious benefit for any team or manufacturer.

"Our engine lease agreements are made between HPD and specific teams. Several of our current IndyCar Series teams already have agreements in place with HPD for the 2019 season, and we have been operating near maximum capacity all year long to properly provide powerful, reliable engines for all of our teams. We have had discussions with several current and potential teams for 2019, and those discussions are ongoing.”

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